Did you know that the old articles on your site are pure gold that you did not even know?

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After you finish reading this article, I guarantee that you will immediately go to your site to test or if you are a bit more smart, you will do a short search on Google to see if I’m right and what others say about it.

Did you know that the old articles on your site are pure gold that you did not even know?


Normally you look for backlinks on other sites and even spend a nice amount of money that does not always bring the benefits you would expect. What you did not know is that you can use your own articles on your site already indexed as backlinks to climb in the google index.

You may not believe me but if you are willing to test on your site on 10 old articles and wait 1-2 weeks you will see that I am right.

To get started, I recommend installing the Rank Math plugin that I used in my test. On another SEO plugin I can not tell whether it will work or not, but in  it should work smoothly.

Older articles are the best and cheapest way to rank in google fast and easy.


Manual – Recommended

– search for and access old articles on your blog that are already indexed in google and get traffic
– now look for and choose an article that you want to climb into the Google index or a page where you can show your services. To see and convince you if the method works I recommend you to start choosing an article that is not yet in Google.
– now edit each article where you add a link to the keyword that you want to climb into your article in Google. Keep in mind that the old article needs to be relevant to the one you want to climb into Google.
– now you expect to see the results.
Semi-automatic version – Only if you’re lazy or you do not find a link in articles. This is more general.

– first read this article https://alexhardyoficial.com/cum-optimizezi-un-articol-cu-rank-math-tutorial-wordpress/
– go to each old article, check Pillar Content and after saving see what link appears on Link suggest

– includes the suggested links at the end of the article or where you want it
– saves the article and is now waiting
Some explanations:

– do not add a link to a single word / keyword but too long tail, that is, a series of words. Let’s say you have an article about SEO, and in the old article you have this word. Competition on SEO is quite high and there are few chances to get to the first pages, so we will use SEO For my blog that is much more accurate and easy to get to the first pages.
– do not abuse internal link in old articles
– I generally use up to 2 internal links and this for an article of at least 600 words. If the old article exceeds 1000 words and the text allows you the you can use multiple internal links.
– keep a record of whether it’s possible to use all the keywords used and for which article. You can use https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/ to keep track of it.

As you can see, there is not much work or complicated, just a little attention, then you just wait Google to do its job.

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