5 Best ERP Solution For Your Business

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business supervision software that handles back office duties. Enterprise resource planning or ERP software combines your critical internal systems to assist you in managing the business with efficiency and accuracy. Further, as multiple data/information sources are connected on the ERP interface, the user can run their transactional information records in analytics and identify insights for facts or issues that help in essential planning or problem-solving.

An efficient ERP software includes significant business components for finance, accounting, sales, marketing, CRM, human resources, and inventory. Depending on requirements, some systems consist process-specific elements like project management and product manufacturing. There was a time ERP was assumed to be limited to large enterprise systems, but now, small and medium companies have got their way to a plethora of cloud ERP solutions. In fact, legendary ERP systems sold by biggies like SAP and Oracle, continue to indicate a market drop.

Here, we have a list of ERP systems with their key benefits and strengths. Our intention with this review is to assist you in finding a good match for your needs and see what these top solutions can bring to the table for you.

Top 5 ERP Solutions for your business

  1. Sage Intacct

Intacct propose their software as the “only ERP you will need,” and it’s not just to make the hype. The system indeed has a rich set of modules that include most, if not all, of your must-have transactional processes. This System features contract, subscription billing, and fixed assets. Moreover, it maintains multi-entity and global incorporations and provides efficient sales and also use tax processing. The solution is recommended by AICPA for CPAs because of its extensive financial tools

The system is suitable for a comprehensive range of industries including healthcare, IT, Finance, wholesale and retail. In spite of having an advanced infrastructure for accounting abilities, Intacct is not complex to learn.

  1. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is an omnichannel retail management system solution that flawlessly manages your back-office workflows, facilitating you to focus on growing the business scope. As an ERP platform, it consists of essential business systems functions like inventory, accounting, order supervision, CRM supply chain, reporting and analytics, and POS. In this way, it strengthens the outputs. Its extensive feature set has targeted medium and large enterprises.

This system is explicitly useful to multi-channel retailers looking to have efficiency in managing various sales channels at one place. Moreover, Brightpearl is reasonably priced, allowing the user modularized plans to customize the features based on their business’ rate of growth. As a cloud ERP solution, the user can conveniently access Brightpearl anywhere and anytime.

  1. NetSuite ERP

When it comes to a reliable name, Netsuite ERP is regarded as the most deployed cloud ERP. It has rich features as it is superintended to fulfill the requirements of growing companies, which makes it an excellent platform for the medium and large enterprise.

Netsuite outshines in maintaining and handling your financial records as well as controlling expenses. This system offers real-time monitoring of crucial metrics as overall business performance. Furthermore, the user can keep a close check on their inventory processes with this ERP. With extensive sales, finance and fulfillment features integrated into this system, make things smooth and efficient without much manual work necessary.

  1. Odoo

Odoo ERP is a thoroughly packaged system management solution built on an open-source framework which makes it compatible with many apps to get more functionalities. It has modules for accounting, purchase, project management, human resources, inventory, manufacturing and a bunch of back-office apps. It is an extended ERP so gives you a robust centralized platform to run the company’s important business processes. It is suitable for both small-sized business and large enterprise.

  1. PeopleSoft

This ERP is focused on a Human Resource, and it brings together multiple business practices in one platform. Apart from its Human Capital Management module, this ERP consists of the financial management module, supply chain management module, and enterprise automation module. This system assists you to nourish supplier relationship with smooth and automated procurement processes that can cut down costs dramatically. This ERP is the perfect solution for you if you have complex HR requirements.

We hope this review helps you choose an ERP solution that suits your needs the best.

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